Cold Turkey

So where did this ‘crazy’ idea of going ‘car-free’ come from?

We can lay this one at the feet of the ‘Mental Health Promoters’ – they, like me, work for this amazing organisation, and who like to think of it as a “Think-and-Do Tank” (for which term we have this other amazing organisation to thank).  Hereafter this amazing organisation will be referred to as ‘The Foundation,’ because it sounds cool and reminds me of when MacGyver was like, totally awesome.

For the purposes of this blog let’s think of them as a collective mind, an Aristophanic chorus if you will.  The sounding board of a community’s sub-concious.  Ok, ok, over-egging it a bit there.

Anyway, the Mental Health Promoters, upon hearing of our dilemma, sat me down at The Foundation to examine my options.

MHP: So what are you going to do?

C: Well, we could go ahead and get all the repairs done…

MHP: But?

C: Yeah, well it’ll cost about a grand.  At least. Maybe.  Not sure, it’s a long list… and it may not be worth investing that much into this car.  Even the mechanic is dubious.

MHP: So what are your other options?

C: Well I’ve been looking at second hand cars online all weekend.  You don’t get much for a thousand dollars.  We don’t really have anything else in reserve since we’ve just come back from the House of Davidson half way around the world and had an extra unexpected and unpaid week away thanks to the unpronounceable volcano. We’re pretty skint.  Maybe we could borrow someone’s spare car or something?

MHP gnomically: Are they your only options?

C: huh?

MHP: Have you considered not owning a car at all?  You’re fairly well served by public transport in yonder beautiful yet hilly port town…

C: I suppose…

MHP: And you’ve been talking about cycling to work anyway…

C: Well…

MHP: How would not owning a car affect your life positively?

C: … How do you guys all manage to speak in synch so perfectly?

MHP: Because apart from being health promoters and change agents, we’re also a literary device…

So it went more or less like that.  An epiphany around the workstations.  Could it really be manageable?  I hadn’t even considered the idea of not owning my own car.  I’ve owned a car of one shape or another continuously since I was about 20 years old.  How would this gibe with my masculinity?

MHP: … Oh and by the way, why don’t you write a blog about all these dilemmas, musings and unexpected health benefits?

C: !

(I would like to acknowledge this amazing blog for the inspiration for the above post.  We’ll be hearing more about this connection…)


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