On the bus

I just called Ciaran and barked at him, “Getting the bus to work all the time, what’s it really like?”

He said “I like it, I’m not driving, I get to read, which is my number one favourite thing, I enjoy the walk at both ends. I like watching the people”

“Any down sides?”

“I don’t like catching the bus when it’s wet and full of people because you get bundled up altogether with your wet things. Sometimes it’s too hot or too cold and you have no control over that. Sometimes the drivers stop really suddenly, or the road is very pot holed and you get shaken about and can’t read. Erm, sometimes it can be smelly, but not often. Sometimes you have to talk to people when you don’t want to”.

“I’m not going to write that on the blog.”

“Why not?”

“Well people might read it and think you don’t want to talk to them on the bus.”

“Oh yeah…”

But  then I did write it down, because I thought about it, and realised that even although we are trying actively to embrace a better way of living in our community by giving up our car, that doesn’t mean that we should airbrush reality to make it falsely idyllic.

Parking up the car for a while hasn’t magically transformed our interaction with other people into a rosy group hug. Sometimes you don’t want to talk to people on the bus, even if you know them, even if they are wonderful people. Other times you do and you have a great conversation, and you come home and tell your partner all about it. But it’s nice to have the option either way.


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