Trailer Blazing

Sent to us by a friend and fellow MHP – practical ingenuity applied to a car-free existence.  And the capper?  They’ve managed to recycle old recycling bins.  I’m not sure if that’s ironic or just satisfyingly apt.

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Old recycling bins = FREE

Old bike parts, timber, fittings = $57.50

Looking like an enraged, feral hippie on a bicycle = PRICELESS.

With thanks (and apologies) to Steve and Beth.


3 thoughts on “Trailer Blazing

  1. Feral hippie indeed! I live in a house, as you can see!

    Anyway, just wanted to add to your post that interested people can check out design specs for the trailer (as well as whole heap of other interesting cycling advocacy stuff) at the website for Steve Muir, the guy who actually gave me the gear to build the thing.

    STOP PRESS: The trailer now has a swanky purple paint job, so it’s purple and green……….see what I did there?!

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