Saturday 4th September, 4.35am – 7.1 Richter scale earthquake hit Christchurch.  Lyttelton got off relatively lightly but not without damage to some of her grand old buildings and facades.

Wall collapsed on Oxford St

The Empire Hotel, London St

Chimney damage on Oxford St - still standing at least


2 thoughts on “Aftershock…

  1. kaiapoi badly damaged. our very old house still standing and only damage is the hot water cylinder which has cracked. We are very lucky. If you live in christchurch, stay away from damaged areas – there have been huge delays out here as people come to sightsee.

    • We’re so glad you guys are OK. And I bet you’re glad you had your foundations redone recently! How about that for timing?! Definitely worth the delays and hassle eh? We’ve had word from some friends who are homeless now – couchsurfing for the forseeable future. Let us know if you want a bath or shower – our water is on.

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