After After Shocks

Two more 5.4 jolts in the night. Strong enough to make us go from horizontal to vertical in 0.3 seconds.

If I could somehow make an alarm clock that did this, without the damage, I’d be rich.

It started raining last night (this is after gale force norwesters in Canterbury – a friend in Oxford said they’d had 190km winds which knocked out their power, something the earthquake didn’t even manage) they’re concerned about the Waimakiriri River flooding in North Canterbury. But closer to home, I’m thinking of all those houses now without chimneys – plenty came down in the first quake but many more have had to be torn down over the last couple of days. Holes in roof + rain – not a great combination.

Once again we’re so thankful our house is OK.

To everyone in Christchurch – kia kaha, arohanui ki a koutou.


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