It’s the best bike shop in the world, but bugger me it’s in Islington

This breaks my heart.

As the delightful Ms Sam Warland* said only this very day, “My Christmas list just got a whole lot longer”.

And I don’t even have a bike (yet).

Things to love about this place:

  • It’s called Bobbin Bicycles.
  • They sell a bicycle helmet in the shape of a bowler hat.
  • And yellow leather driving gloves, with that sexxxy cut out on the back of the hand. Rowwwrrrr. Down sir!
  • And a ‘Hello Sailor’ reflective collar.
  • And bicycles, lots of cute bicycles, but I don’t really care about the bicycles that much, I only put that in because otherwise you might think I am an accessory obsessed gurrl.

Things not to like:

  • It’s in Islington.
  • The prices are in pounds.
  • It’s in Islington.

That is all.

*Whose many charms cannot be enumerated on the fingers of my three hands.


5 thoughts on “It’s the best bike shop in the world, but bugger me it’s in Islington

  1. I’ve known about your blog for some time, and only just now ‘visited’, after hearing that someone had found your blog by googling my name. ‘Hmmm’, I thought…. that has to be Jamie (new relationship and all, and I did make a point of googling him). And yes, twas him (rather freaked out by the fact I knew he had been googling me).

    Anyways, the point I want to make is that I just read your latest post, in which you sing my praises while waving your 3 hands in the air… and I got all warm and fuzzy around my navel (ooh err). Also, Jamie read it and decided that I could not possibly be a psycho bitch with such high praise… so thanks for the ‘heads up’ as they say, (which always makes me think of startled bunnies in a field)… but that is another conversation entirely… aroha nui… Sammy xx

    • Awwww, isn’t that sweet? Scary the connecting power of the web huh? You never know who’s watching…That’s Jamie assuming we’re nice, reputable people to begin with – and that we didn’t just set the whole thing up to show you in a good light. ha ha, he’ll never know! (Unless you’re reading this right now Jamie, in which case, we are and we didn’t, honest – and welcome back!)

      Seriously though, lovely of you to drop by Sammy and with such a great comment we think you should visit more often so we can up the psycho bitch bunny quota on the blog. Arohanui e hoa … startled Mitten-in-a-field x

    • You got that right, Rose. I can only make it halfway up our hill before dismounting onto wobbly legs that suddenly won’t do what they’re told. And yet I see folk on mountain bikes chugging away up these ridiculous hills all around us. It’s just not that much fun, people!

      I love that bike btw. I hope you’re getting it!


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