Hedonistic Paradise*

Recipe for the Best Christmas Holiday as Parents Ever:

  • 2 x cases of wine
  • 2 x grandparents staying for a month
  • 1 x Aunty Taffy – live-in
  • 1 x Aunty Brad – live-in
  • countless summer ales
  • more wine bought by the bottle here and there
  • homemade lemon cheesecake
  • Grilly Xmas cake
  • some more beer
  • lots of music
  • 1 x extremely well utilised BBQ

throw in one ecstatic 2 year old, a paddling pool xmas pressie, turn the sun up to 30 degree heat, open a bottle of wine for the cooks and slowly bake until you have 2 greatly relieved parents, turning fat and a bit pished.

Bon Apetit!

Thank you to the House of Davidson for giving us the best Christmas ever.

* Is the title of a song by the outrageously talented Christina Courtin – surely a contender for my Most Thrashed Album of 2010.


10 thoughts on “Hedonistic Paradise*

    • Quite right! No way had I forgotten that mousse – I just decided I couldn’t possibly list all the incredibly yummy food that everyone cooked – including your amazing cheesy ducks! Stay tuned for a post about the expedition to Muntanui…

  1. Sounds like a superb way to spend the Christmas season!
    love to you all! xxx

    PS We have exciting camping news (well we think it’s exciting!) Al’s parents are GIVING us their pop top camper thingy! Talk about camping in style! We just need to take a road trip to Taranaki to collect it! They bought it new in 1977 and it’s pretty much in it’s fabulous original-ness! They’re also giving us lots of their camping stuff – oh yes, my children will have the luxury of camp stretcher BUNKS! We’re so so excited and can’t wait for lots more camping adventures! Woooohoooo!!

    • Now THAT’S the kind of camping-in-style I’m talking about. Rough and ready has its place but now you’ll be able to throw the family in the back and just go! And just think when the kids are older you’ll be able to deposit them with the grandparents on the way out of town and free-camp wherever! Nice!

  2. Yeah, definitely fits into the “glamping” category of camping – which suits me just fine! There’s a time and place for rough and ready camping, and for me that’s no time in the next couple of years! Bring on the luxury!!
    Seriously, we are so excited we might have even convinced Al’s parents to bring it down for us next month! I can just see us peaking too soon and camping mid winter in the freezing cold!

    • Well maybe we’ll have to all camp together and take it for a test drive! I’ve been eyeing up staying at Maniaia near little river here’s the website: http://www.littlerivercampground.co.nz – an acquaintance bought the place a year or so ago and it looks brilliant. It’s also close enough to home to be able to retreat if it gets all too much – or head into Little River Cafe for a cheater’s meal! We could bike the Rail Trail too! I could go on… what do you think Soph?

      • love the idea. rail trail would be fun – I may be able to run it by then, never know (I have a half marathon in 2 weeks).
        we have the uber tent.
        By the way, waihi bush is on next weekend…
        Great lineup of guests

  3. Oooh great idea! I’ve been really wanting to do the Rail Trail too, but I’m probably a year of training away from that! keen for camping sooner though!

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