… and rocked, again

Somehow, we are all fine. All family accounted for and safe for now.

Which is more than I can say for the city.  It’s almost too big to write about just now and some others are doing a great job anyway… in case you haven’t heard:

The Day the Earth Roared.

Moata Tamaira’s Blog IdleEverything has shifted.


5 thoughts on “… and rocked, again

  1. Kia ora Ciaran

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your whanau

    Our door is open too if you want to get away for a while – we have room, don’t hesitate, just say the word.

    Kia kaha, Arohanui


    • Thank you Grant, and thanks for the text too. We very much appreciate your offer. We’re just exhausted but staying put for now.

  2. Hi Ciaran

    Nice to see your blog online again – some sense of normality amongst all the abnormality. All well with our familiy -power came on yesterday.We are very fortunate.Keepsafe and well!
    Love Grant, Diane and Ryan

    • Really good to hear from you Grant. I’ll never forget you making sure, in no uncertain terms, that I was getting out of our building! We were all so lucky.

      Arohanui to you, Diane and Ryan. Kia kaha!

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