Earthquake info

Just added a new link category below with, so far, two important links to information on the earthquake.  Canterbury Earthquake is the Civil Defence site with all the vital information on the emergency response – where to get water, food etc and what services are available and where.  It also has live updates of the rescue and response efforts by City Council, Civil Defence, Urban Search & Rescue,  and the Defence Forces etc.

Canterbury Quake Live provides up to date data on aftershocks, magnitude, location, depth etc.  All presented in natty little graphs and based on data directly from GeoNet.  Morbidly fascinating to those of us in the thick of it.

Thanks to everyone for all the kind thoughts, wishes and prayers.  We’re doing fine and will write some stories about it all soon.  May even include a tasteful picture of our new luxury outdoor toilet facility (they’re all the rage on t’interweb y’know).  Lyttelton is still without mains water…


One thought on “Earthquake info

  1. Yes what is it about the fascination with data? I’m terrible. As I scrambled down the stairs at Linwood College I was actually wondering what magnitude it was, how shallow etc…in some odd way it makes me feel better. How’s Seraphine? Tom is somewhat jumpy but Alex doesn’t seem to mind at all. Apparently she was playing under the slide with a young man called Thomas at the time at hit and wasn’t too worried.

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